Business Owner's Path To Success Dashboard

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For your business to be as successful as possible you need to complete and optimize all the following.
  1. Lender Compliance - 20 Items lenders check to determine if your business is a high risk of default. Are yours all turned to Green Checks?
  2. Business Credit - Your business entity must have its own credit scores of 70 or above with at least 10 reporting credit trade lines. Does it?
  3. Funding Pre-Qual - Make sure your business is well capitalized and has access to cash for those unplanned unseen circumstances. Are you?
  4. Increase Rankings - Your business should have a web optimization score in at least the 80s. Does it? Check it here and find out what to do.
  5. Local Listings - There are 50 local directories that your business needs to be listed on correctly. Is it? Check it here, then go get it listed.
  6. Owner's Earnings - Your business is valued based on your Owner's Earnings. How much are yours? Learn how to maximize your earnings.

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